Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Gains

Our key learning points:

-How to operate a large scale distillation column
.Basic knowledge of the key concepts and controlling factors in the distillation column (feed rate, re-boiler temperature & reflux ratio)
.Knowledge of components, and how it operates - The water & ethanol solution from the feed plate travels up into the distillation column, which is separated into two sections, one that flows downwards with a higher concentration of water than ethanol, and some travels into a re-boiler that literally re-boils the solution to be fed back into the feed. It also distills into a bottom container which is mostly the high water concentration solution.

-The application to what we've learnt
.We can apply this into our chemistry procedure, where we have got to operate slightly smaller distillation columns. We can also use this knowledge to form theories on procedures to carry out practicals.

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