Elgin's Reflections

Key learning points (Day 1 Reflection)
  1. Importance of Water - Dirty & Clean
I’ve learnt of the need to appreciate clean water in the Singapore, because in other countries, there are no clean sources of water and people will actually get diseases and bacteria from drinking water. Also, these are problems that could give promise to a big industry on the future.
  1. Revolution of Microelectronics Technology
Applying “change & continuity” from what we’ve learnt in the IH march holiday assignment, we can learn about the “change” aspect of technology, how it developed from primitive to what we now call advanced. With that technological advancement comes more convenient ways to do work.
  1. Innovative breakthroughs  in Nano-Science & Nano-Technology
With add ons to the previous topics, technological advancement can also mean advancement in precision, like nano technology, where equipment is much smaller than it was in the past, all the time serving the same purpose & more. Examples include the solar panels, nano-specific particles, etc.
  1. IT for Animation
I’ve learnt about that even though 3D seems much more impressive, it’s actually much cheaper than 2D because of the difference of manual and automation. in 3D, geometric modeling is essential, which is quite interesting for me as I like things that I can see and it’s more convincing.
  1. Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and.......
I’ve learnt about the geographic properties of the water in the world, which is actually not uniform around the world, due to difference in distance to the nearest glacial deposit. Thus, this can help me in geography.
2. The plenary session was engaging, especially with the topic about water. This is because the professor had the ability to captivate the audience, and it teaches a lot about presentation skills.

Day 3 Reflections

I chose this project because I liked Chemistry second to Biology (taken up already). I think that this is an interesting subject to sign up for because everyday, even in our school laboratories, there are all sorts of materials (ethanol, iodine, etc.) as we know, raw minerals and materials is not able to provide us with such materials. Thus, distillation is one of the important procedures to obtain such materials.

I have to say that everyone in the group took shifts, so everyone's jobs were the same during the distillation experiment.

There was an occasion where the distillation columns were purposely set to function faultily. The challenge was to fix that problem without no guidance whatsoever.

Through this project, I discover that operating a distillation column takes a lot of effort and team co-ordination. This to make sure that each part and component of the apparatus is functioning, as if one of the components fail to function properly, the rest of the system will also be faulty.

I have learnt about many skills to operate the apparatus in the pilot room.

I aspire to be a graphical designer / biologist / engineer.